School of Theology and Ministry

Rooted in faith, hope and compassion, the School of Theology and Ministry (STM) inspires and educates the whole person to heal, lead and transform relationships, organizations and communities for a more just and humane world.


Faculty, staff, students and alumni of the school serve, challenge and profoundly contribute to a variety of industries including faith communities, nonprofit groups, public policy, government and individual lives. Please join us by supporting our faculty, students and special programs.


Your gift helps incredible students like these:

“I really wanted to understand my Catholic faith and how I bring it to the world to the public sector and the private sector. I think that seeing that STM was straddled between faith and also ethics in real-world application, I think that's what drew me to STM.”

“I came to STM as a continuation of my theological studies and training. I found it to be a place of creativity, a place where I could actually live into my call.”

“After my first two quarters studying Hebrew Scriptures and Christian scriptures, I developed a love of Bible that I didn't think I had and have since switched to the M.Div. program. So, I'm very grateful.”

“I was one of the youngest students in the Master of Arts in Transformational Leadership (MATL) at STM.  One of my worries, was will I relate to anyone? Will they take me seriously being so young and inexperienced, having little work history? I never felt that my experience or my knowledge was undermined, and I think that across the board - across all generations - we really, really did learn from each other and taught each other different things coming from our own generations.”
Board of Regents Match: SU Fund
Thank you to the Board of Regents for their generous match that resulted in $10,410 for the SU Fund!
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New Donor Match
Thank you to the Alumni Board of Governors who sponsored a $1,119 match for first time donors!
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Parents and Guardians Gift Challenge
Thanks to the generosity of our Redhawk Parent and Family Leadership Council, a challenge gift of $2,700 to the Catalyst Fund for Student Success and Engagement will be unlocked after 100 parents/guardians make a gift to any area during Seattle U Gives. The Catalyst Fund empowers Student Development staff to strengthen existing programs and respond with innovative initiatives to help meet students’ social, intellectual and spiritual needs. Examples are the Emergency Needs Fund for our most financially challenged students and the Food Pantry for students experiencing food insecurity.
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Scholarship Challenge
If we reach 75 gifts to any scholarship fund it will unlock a $7,500 gift to the Annual Scholarship Fund, thanks to the generosity of P. Weber, Class of 1975.
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Affinity Giving
Giving by relationship to Seattle U
What is your relationship to SU?
Rank Answer Gifts
1 Friend of the University 525
2 Alum 519
3 Parent/Guardian of Student 445
4 Current Student 367
5 Faculty/Staff 291
6 Parent/Guardian of Alum 121
7 Current Faculty or Staff 88
8 Retired Faculty or Staff 12
Area Giving
Gifts by Seattle U college, area or initiative
Rank College, Area or Initiative Gifts
1 Men's Soccer 259
2 Track and Field & Cross Country 204
3 Women's Soccer 189
4 Softball 164
5 Center for Community Engagement 164
6 Spirit Squad 148
7 Women's Rowing 120
8 Men's Basketball 119
9 Men's and Women's Swimming 114
10 Red Winged Leadership Award 76
11 Men's and Women's Golf 71
12 School of Law 71
13 College of Arts and Sciences 68
14 Center for Science and Innovation 57
15 SU Fund 57
16 Indigenous Peoples Institute 54
17 Baseball 50
18 Women's Basketball 48
19 Volleyball 48
20 Albers Accounting Lab 47
21 Annual Scholarship Fund 47
22 Fostering Scholars 47
23 College of Nursing 46
24 RAMP-up 45
25 College of Education 44
26 Mens and Women's Tennis 42
27 Redhawk Club 33
28 Office of Multicultural Affairs 32
29 Sports Medicine & Strength and Conditioning 26
30 Center for Environmental Justice & Sustainability 22
31 Wellness and Health Promotion 20
32 KXSU 102.1 FM 18
33 Women of SU Endowed Scholarship 17
34 Center for Student Involvement 16
35 SU Youth Initiative Scholarship 13
36 School of New and Continuing Studies 12
37 STEM Diversity Fund 10
38 School of Theology and Ministry 6
39 Seattle University Opportunity Grant 6
40 Lemieux Library and McGoldrick Learning Commons 3
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