SU Fund

The Seattle University Fund, often called the “SU Fund” is a vital resource that sustains the university’s mission and supports the immediate needs of students. 

Gifts to this fund are used daily to maintain SU’s standard of excellence and strengthen core programs, scholarships, activities and services. Because of this, every gift to the SU Fund is like a drop of water—rippling outward to positively impact countless students, communities, projects and centers.

The SU Fund is an invaluable resource for our students, faculty and staff. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the SU Fund has equipped the university with the resources and flexibility needed to make quick, critical decisions and send funds where they are needed most.  


Whichever aspect of SU you love the most, the SU Fund lays the foundation that makes it possible:

  • Enhancing services to improve the lives of students, faculty and staff.
  • Supporting student scholarships that increase equitable access and affordability.
  • Strengthening instruction by providing transformative virtual and in-person tutoring, classroom equipment and research opportunities.
  • Fueling holistic development through support of service-learning, spiritual activities, and student clubs and sports. 

Whether $5, $50 or $500, your gift to the SU Fund will make a 
direct and immediate difference at Seattle University. 


Board of Regents Challenge
85 gifts to the SU Fund will unlock an additional $13,835 to the SU Fund generously donated by the Seattle University Board of Regents.
85 / 85 Gifts
President's Club Our Moment for Mission Challenge
Thanks to the generosity of a group of President's Club donors, if 500 alumni make a gift to any fund during Seattle U Gives it will unlock $15,200 to the Seattle University Fund.
500 / 500 Gifts
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