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The College of Arts and Sciences focuses on providing students a liberal arts education centered on academic excellence, service to community and global engagement across more than 30 departments in the arts, humanities, social and behavioral sciences.


Employers clearly articulate the value of today’s liberal arts education, highlighting the need for employees who communicate well, bring personal and professional ethics to the workplace, and apply critical-thinking skills to create solutions.


A student’s undergraduate experience, and how well the experience advances critical learning outcomes (knowledge of human cultures and the physical and natural world, intellectual and practical skills, personal and social responsibility, integrative and applied learning), is what matters most, with 80% of employers agreeing that all students need a strong foundation in the liberal arts and sciences. Indeed, in the global knowledge economy, employer demand for graduates with a liberal education is growing.

Harvard Business Review, September 19, 2019


Your gift to the College of Arts and Sciences empowers students and faculty in their academic pursuits, and enhances our ability to offer special programs. Our new initiative, Pathways to Professional Formation, serves to assist Arts and Sciences students in developing a pathway to build a life of purpose and meaning after graduation. It also enables professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, and improves facilities for our students.


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$10 assists with class supplies
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$100 aids a faculty member to attend a seminar or professional development event
$500 assists a student or faculty member to attend and/or present their research at a professional conference or provides a stipend to a guest speaker
$2,500 provides critical scholarship awards for students
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