Center for Environmental Justice & Sustainability

The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability’s (CEJS) mission is to inspire care for our community through the research and practice of environmental justice and sustainability.


CEJS seeks to educate and develop leaders for a more just and sustainable world by:

  • Engaging students in experiential learning through sustainability projects with Washington Middle School, the Seattle Rotary Boys and Girls Club and in Haiti, Thailand, and Peru 
  • Actively involving students with on-campus sustainability projects
  • Advancing knowledge of environmental justice and sustainability through student research
  • Providing experience as a sustainability professional through internships at CEJS 
  • Promoting climate action and environmental justice through co-curricular on-campus activities and engagement with community partners

By supporting CEJS, donors will inspire people to personally care for the commons, support professional formation through collaborative environmental justice and sustainability projects, and prepare tomorrow’s leaders for a just, humane and sustainable world.


"Working at CEJS has not only allowed me to make a difference at SU, but has empowered me as a student and connected me to the interworkings of the campus community. Through CEJS I was able to work with staff, faculty, and other students to realize campus climate goals while deepening my personal and professional experience. CEJS defined my experience at Seattle University by allowing me to utilize my passion for sustainability to actualize positive campus change." - Jennifer Symonds, CEJS intern AY2018-2019


“The Center for Environmental Justice and Sustainability has had an immense impact not only on my collegiate experience at Seattle University but my life trajectory. I entered college without a purpose in mind but a sense of helplessness at all the horrible news stories and climate devastation developing around me. CEJS gave me a sense of purpose to not succumb to what is easiest but to instead have the courage to believe that the world can improve. Being a Sustainability Representative with CEJS' guidance taught me the importance of grassroots environmental activism and the power of turning community relations to activist movements.” - Taylor McKenzie, Sustainability Student representative in residence halls 2018-2019



Every Gift Matters.
$50 provides supplies for the aquaponics project at WA Middle School
$100 supports a student's participation in a sustainability conference
$250 supports peer-to-peer, student-led sustainability education initiatives
$500 supports open access publication of SU faculty sustainability research
$1,200 supports a CEJS student internship 
$2,000 supports a CEJS student research fellowship
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