Seattle University Opportunity Grant

While need based Scholarships are nothing new, bridge scholarships offer a new tack for helping middle-and low-income students struggling with tuition costs. SU offers generous scholarship awards, but for many students it is not enough. Bridge scholarships, such as the Seattle University Opportunity Grant, are based on SU data models that show that an increase in grant aid significantly improves success to graduation. Bridge scholarships rarely eliminate the gaps students face, but they reduce the burden so that students can work less and still can complete their degrees. Through the use of the Seattle University Opportunity Grant scholarships, Seattle U honors its commitment to those students who have earned their rightful place here by offering the financial support they need to get the most out of their SU experience and graduate without a heavy debt burden.


“This scholarship has allowed me to have some peace of mind about financial stability and my future. I am able to handle working only 18 hours a week, which is only possible through your contribution to my education. I am able to focus more on my studies and still have time to connect with my peers.”

                Abigail Nicholoson, ’21 current Seattle University Opportunity Grant recipient  

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