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The CSI is the largest building project in Seattle University history, and puts STEM at the core of a Seattle University education. The scale of this transformative project is matched only by the intense demand and growth seen in the College of Science and Engineering. Yet the new STEM complex is more than stone, steel and glass. It is the new heart of Seattle University, where the world’s next generation of leaders will gain the skills and knowledge to solve the most pressing problems of today and tomorrow. We’ve raised $96M of the $100M for this facility, which will open to students in fall 2021.


Help us equip our new facility!


It is essential that we equip our new teaching labs, research labs, and project rooms with the tools and technology our students need. After a careful review, the College of Science and Engineering leadership team has determined a list of the equipment necessary to fulfill the promise of a Seattle University STEM education.  This fund supports equipment needs for all STEM disciplines.

"We involve students in research so they learn to do science—the whole messy, challenging, uncertain, embracing, thrilling experience.” –Lindsay Whitlow, PhD, Professor and Chair, Department of Biology


Your Gift Matters
$80 buys a voltage probe for physics lab
$120 buys a hand lens for field biology
$300 buys a tube rotisserie for Cell & Molecular Biology & Biochemistry


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