Black Student Union Scholarship Endowment

The Black Student Union (BSU) Scholarship Endowment is the first student-led, Black-serving scholarship at Seattle University. The Black Student Union Scholarship is intended to increase the enrollment of Black and African-American students and help them persist and graduate with fewer financial concerns. 

Seattle University's BSU is a group dedicated to creating a safe space for Black and Brown students at SU, to connect with and support other Black students as they navigate a predominantly nonBlack university by means of critical discussion, active listening, organizing, and personal reflection.

Community, you can help the BSU reach its fundraising goal of $200,000! Every single gift counts and is meaningful. If we reach this goal by March 1st, at least 20 scholarship recipients can receive funding for the spring quarter. 

This amount would also allow the BSU to disperse scholarships to multiple students for years to come. This is a huge step towards making the university a more accessible environment for Black students and would highlight the Seattle U community's commitment to supporting and uplifting marginalized students by helping to fund their education.

BSU Endowed Scholarship Challenge
50 gifts to the Black Student Union (BSU) Endowed Scholarship will unlock $5,000.
50 / 50 Gifts
President's Club Our Moment for Mission Challenge
Thanks to the generosity of a group of President's Club donors, if 500 alumni make a gift to any fund during Seattle U Gives it will unlock $15,200 to the Seattle University Fund.
500 / 500 Gifts
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