With your support, Seattle University can provide students with access to inspired education, innovative programs and the ability to pursue a brighter future. Scholarship funds help to ensure a diverse and deserving array of students have the ability to learn and grow at Seattle U. Scholarships provide access to Jesuit-inspired education and set students up for success beyond graduation by freeing them from excessive college debt.   Seattle U awards more than $5.4 million in scholarships each year to undergraduate students, but unmet need continues to surpass available scholarship dollars.

Typically, 19% of Seattle U undergrads are from households earning less than $50,000 per year, and a similar percentage are the first in their families to attend college.

The Impact of Receiving a Scholarship

“My scholarship really helped me to focus on my studies rather than worrying so much about the tuition fees. You have inspired me so that one day, when I have a secure job, I can do the same thing for this community.” - Barna Mahapatra, ’20

“My scholarship enables me to participate in undergraduate research and contribute to the community at Seattle University rather using all of my time outside classes having three part time jobs instead of two. Additionally, this scholarship helps allow me to stay on campus, instead of having a long commute, which gives me the opportunity to attend office hours and study collaboratively which is how I learn best and can engage most fully in my studies.” - Hannah Potgieter, ‘20

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