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Albers School of Business and Economics has raised $ 8,949 from 36 gifts!
Albers School of Business and Economics

“My Albers education has lived up to my expectations. If I’d gone to a bigger school, there would be no way I could have accomplished everything I have at Seattle U. Everybody is so in touch with students and what we want – they make what we want to do achievable. There are so many opportunities at Albers and I’m thankful for that.”  Veronika Zwicke, ‘18

At the nationally ranked Albers School of Business and Economics, students develop intellectual acumen that is respected in the business world. An Albers education extends beyond the classroom; students have opportunities to learn from the knowledge and guidance of experienced business leaders.

Following the Jesuit tradition of educating the whole person, our students develop strength of character and compassion in all aspects of life. This foundation of ethics and social responsibility prepares them to be values-driven and committed to advancing the common good.

Please consider making your gift to the following areas:


The Summer Business Institute (SBI) helps us recruit high school students from underrepresented backgrounds to campus to experience a week of what a business education can help them achieve in their lives and careers. Support for SBI allows us to reduce registration costs for families, provide week-long room and board, offer classes taught by Albers faculty, and tours of local companies.


RAMP-up (Resource Amplification & Management Program) is a platform for Seattle University to partner with neighborhood businesses as they build capacity and thrive. RAMP-up offers experiential learning opportunities for students, faculty and mentors to work alongside the businesses that are an integral part of the social, cultural and economic fabric of our community. 


Help students on the final mile to graduation: Your gift to the Dean’s Fund today will support “final mile” scholarships. These scholarships help bridge the affordability gap for juniors and seniors who have exhausted all other available financial resources. Albers recognizes that despite their best efforts, these deserving students face unexpected financial hardships that could mean the difference between dropping out and completing their degree. You can help them to the finish line – graduation! 

RAMP-Up Fund Match
Gifts to the RAMP-Up program will be doubled up to $1,891! Trained student teams are paired with a small group of business owners, working under the supervision of business mentors. For as long as they choose, RAMP-up clients will receive a client relationship management intern and resource team each year.
$1,891 MATCHED
Summer Business Institute Match
Double your gift to the Summer Business Institute up to $500.
RAMP-Up Match
Gifts made to RAMP-Up will be doubled up to $500!
Area Giving
Top areas by dollars raised
Rank Department Raised
1 Athletics $48,519.00
2 Seattle U Fund $19,882.56
3 College of Science and Engineering $9,543.91
4 College of Arts and Sciences $8,264.26
5 Fostering Scholars $7,890.00
6 Albers School of Business and Economics $6,058.91
7 College of Nursing $4,895.00
8 Student Development $4,790.64
9 College of Education $4,630.00
10 Center for Community Engagement $4,290.00
11 School of Law $3,094.17
12 School of Theology and Ministry $1,495.00
13 Matteo Ricci College $1,325.00
14 Lemieux Library $1,270.00
15 Center for Environmental Justice & Sustainability $1,070.00
16 Global Engagement $185.00
17 School of New and Continuing Studies $43.91
18 2018 Senior Class Gift $10.00
Highest Participation
Top Areas by number of gifts
Rank Department Gifts
1 Athletics 500
2 Seattle U Fund 117
3 College of Arts and Sciences 86
4 Student Development 55
5 Fostering Scholars 53
6 Center for Community Engagement 52
7 Albers School of Business and Economics 36
8 College of Nursing 33
9 College of Education 33
10 School of Law 33
11 College of Science and Engineering 24
12 Center for Environmental Justice & Sustainability 17
13 School of Theology and Ministry 14
14 Matteo Ricci College 8
15 Lemieux Library 6
16 Global Engagement 4
17 School of New and Continuing Studies 2
18 2018 Senior Class Gift 2
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