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Generating buzz and excitement online is key to the success of Seattle U Gives. Participating is as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Enter your email address to the right and click "Sign Up" or utilize "Continue with Facebook."

  2. Check your inbox for a verification email, and click the button that's included.

  3. Stay tuned for updates in January and February, when we'll equip you with all the resources needed to make an impact by sharing why SU or your chosen cause are important to you.

What do Social Ambassadors do? 
Why is volunteering important? 
Who can join?

Your connection to Seattle University is powerful! Sharing that connection lets others know how much SU has impacted you, inspiring them to join you in sharing or supporting the cause you care about most. This is crucial to spreading the word, so together we can unlock every Challenge!

We're all connected by a diverse array of life experiences and friends. By sharing your unique story or passion you can reach your community, broadening Seattle U Gives' reach and providing inspiring examples of how your chosen cause affects lives.

  • As a current student - how scholarships or faculty have empowered you, or what you love most about SU
  • As an alum - how your student experience or program shaped your career and values, or your favorite SU memory
  • As a current parent or family member - the difference SU or certain activities and services have made for your student
  • As faculty and staff - why you choose to work at SU, or the change and good you see the university driving
  • As a community member - how you see SU's mission and activities enacting your values and transforming lives

Everyone can make a difference as a Social Ambassador by sharing their story on social media using #SeattleUGives, or reaching out to their friends, family and networks through email, text or phone!

Ambassadors will receive access to special training, resources and tools - like social media images, customized links and sample language - in January, to start spreading the word in February.

The time commitment is small, but the potential impact is infinite!

Need help signing up? Click here for a step-by-step sign up video, or email for help.