Invite your fellow Redhawks to be SU-pporters and join the fun on Seattle U Gives!

Step 1


Fill out the form above to receive your unique URL and be on the list to receive more info!

Step 2


Talk about Seattle U Gives with your personal network of Redhawks, friends and family. Calls, texts, social media tags and emails are a great way to invite others to participate in the online fun of Seattle U Gives!

Step 3


On February 29, share your link and help SU-pport the Seattle University cause or causes closest to your heart.

How Do SU-pporters Help?

SU-pporters can help promote Seattle U Gives within their networks through email, texting and/or through the social media platform(s) of their choosing.

Your connection to Seattle University is truly powerful! Sharing that connection lets others know how much SU has impacted you, inspiring them to join you in sharing or supporting the cause you care about most.

Here are 3 options for how you can personally help by being a SU-pporter:

  1. Like, comment and share posts on Seattle University Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter and/or LinkedIn posts. It’s that easy! When you like, comment or share you help improve the reach of our messaging on social media platforms.

  2. Make a post on the social media platform(s) of your choosing. Share your connection to SU, why the cause closest to your heart is important and encourage others to participate in Seattle U Gives or give. We have provided examples below to make it easy for you to create a post and don’t forget to use #SeattleUGives #SUGives and #RedhawksTakeFlight

  3. Share your unique SU-pporter link and ask your networks to consider making a gift. SU-pporters have a tremendous impact on our overall fundraising and have raised thousands of dollars over the years.

What Can I Post or Email?

Here are some tips:

  • Share a photo or record a video message.. Gear up in your best “Redhawk red” and let others know why you support Seattle University and/or what SU means to you. ProTip: SU Gives is also on #ThrowbackThursday, so you can share a throwback photo of when you were a student!
  • Make it fun! Memes and reaction gifs are totally on the table and help make the day fun online. They also encourage others to want to join in on the fun too, which helps bring further awareness to Seattle U Gives. So go ahead and jump on that TikTok trend or dance in the name of Seattle U Gives, and don’t forget to use hashtags.
  • Challenge Updates. We expect to have roughly 40-50 Challenges running throughout the day – bring attention to the cause you are supporting, give progress updates or celebrate the success of meeting a Challenge online.

Social Media Graphics

Use One of Our Photo Frames

Right click one of our photo frames below and choose "save image as..." Then use with your photo to share on social.

...or download one of our graphics!